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Compost UP worm composter

Compost UP worm composter

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🌱 Recycle your waste, make your fertilizer! A circular economy within the family !

🔍 What is Vermicomposter?

Compost-Up, a brand committed to the world of composting, offers an innovative solution, Vermicomposters: robust wooden composters, are specially designed to transform your bio-waste into a valuable natural fertilizer.

🌿 There magic of L umbricomposters

These worm composters are much more than just a means of composting. Made from premium wood, this composter offers an aesthetic, robust and durable solution. Its design promotes optimal ventilation, thus ensuring rapid decomposition, without bad odors!

🌾 Of the verse for one action accelerated

We also offer bags of Eisenia Fetida Earthworms (earthworms), essential allies to feed your worm composter. These little workers actively support the composting process, ensuring the creation of rich, beneficial fertilizer for your garden.

🌍 Commitment ecological

By choosing these Vermicomposters, you are participating in an approach in favor of the environment. Create a sustainable balance by transforming your waste into a valuable resource for your garden.

🌟 A revolution for your garden

Reusing your bio-waste drastically transforms the health of vegetables, the vigor of plants and the generosity of harvests.

🇫🇷 Law January 1, 2024

Since January 2024, sorting of bio-waste will be compulsory. The Vermicomposter offers an ideal solution, promoting vermicomposting to reduce organic waste at home, in accordance with the European waste directive and the AGEC law.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
J'ai adoré !

Livraison rapide, le SAV à su répondre à mes question rapidement et la livraison était rapide. Je recommande à 100%

Marie T.
Recommandé !

Je recommande fortement le Lombricomposteur Compost Up. Il est efficace et esthétique

Claire L.
Design naturel !

Le design en bois du Compost Up ajoute une touche naturelle charmante à mon jardin. Mes plantes adorent le compost qu'il produit.

François L.
Économique et écologique !

Le Compost Up est un investissement durable pour un jardin plus écologique. La taille du bac convient parfaitement à mes besoins.

Julie B.
Sans odeur désagréable !

Aucune odeur désagréable, prend un peu de place, bois de qualité.