Our engagement

At Compost-up, we believe in a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Our mission is to provide practical and effective solutions to enable everyone to contribute to the preservation of our planet. We are committed to promoting home composting, a simple and powerful practice that reduces waste while enriching the soil in a natural way.

The Wooden Compost-Up

The Compost-up is our flagship product, carefully designed to simplify the home composting process. Made from premium wood, this composter offers an aesthetic, robust and durable solution. Its design promotes optimal ventilation, thus ensuring rapid decomposition of organic waste. With Compost-up, transform your bio-waste into a valuable soil conditioner, while adding an aesthetic touch to your outdoor space.

Earthworms Eisenia Fetida

Eisenia Fetida earthworms, also known as red worms, are the perfect allies to speed up the composting process. These hardworking little workers efficiently break down organic waste, producing high-quality, nutrient-rich compost. Through our service, you can acquire these earthworms, thus benefiting from a dedicated team to maximize the productivity of your compost.

Our vision

Compost-up aspires to create a world where every household actively participates in reducing waste and preserving the environment. We firmly believe that home composting, supported by quality products like the Wooden Worm Composter and Eisenia Fetida Earthworms, is the key to bringing about positive change on a large scale.

Join us on this ecological adventure and discover how Compost-Up can help you transform your waste into valuable resources, while contributing to a greener planet for future generations.

Law of January 1, 2024

Since January 1, 2024, communities must introduce sorting at source of bio-waste for individuals, in accordance with the European waste directive and the AGEC law . This obligation is part of the public waste management service. To meet this requirement, Compost-Up presents itself as an ideal solution. By promoting vermicomposting, our product offers users a simple and effective method to treat their bio-waste at home, thus contributing to the reduction of organic waste and the preservation of the environment.