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Burdock, a plant full of resources!!

Burdock is a herbaceous plant that is regularly found in different regions. It is easily recognized by its seeds. In fact, they have small hooked claws which allow it to very easily cling to clothing or even animal hair and thus spread through nature.

Burdock can be prepared as manure or as a decoction, it is then used as a natural fertilizer in the garden but not only that. Burdock has several beneficial properties for treating plants in the garden:

  1. Natural Fertilizer : Burdock manure is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, making it an excellent organic fertilizer to promote plant growth.

  2. Insect repellent : Burdock manure can act as a natural repellent against certain harmful insects. It can help discourage pests from taking up residence on plants.

  3. Fungicide : The antifungal properties of burdock can help prevent or treat fungal infections on plants.

  4. Strengthening plant defenses : Using burdock manure can help strengthen the natural defenses of plants by activating their immune system.

  5. Improving soil structure : By using burdock as fertilizer, you can also improve soil structure by increasing its organic matter content.

  6. pH Balancing : Burdock can help balance soil pH, which is important for nutrient availability to plants.

  7. Activation of Microbial Life : Application of burdock manure can stimulate beneficial microbial activity in the soil, thereby promoting the overall health of the garden.

So natural preparations based on burdock such as PBFongimix will be very beneficial for your crops.

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