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What if we vermicomposted the egg cartons?

Vermicomposting is a composting method that uses earthworms to decompose organic waste, kitchen biowaste.


Earthworms need a balanced diet of nitrogen and carbon to maintain good health and ensure an effective vermicomposting process. . To optimize the operation of your Compost Up worm composter, it is necessary to ensure a good balance of carbon and nitrogen.


The balance between carbon and nitrogen is expressed as the carbon/nitrogen (C/N) ratio, and is an essential element for the efficient operation of the Compost Up. Nitrogen is provided in large quantities by plant waste (peeings) or even the coffee grounds that you worm compost. But then, how to provide carbon?


Egg cartons made from cellulose cardboard, an ecological and recyclable material, are rich in carbon. Cut into small pieces and integrated into the waste to be vermicomposted, the egg cartons will provide the carbon necessary to structure the vermicompost. The smaller the pieces, the faster they will break down. To ensure a good carbon-nitrogen balance, it is recommended to bring at least a third of cardboard. Another advantage is that egg cartons or cardboard will absorb excess moisture and make vermicomposting easier.


By worm composting egg cartons, you turn an otherwise discarded material into a valuable resource for your plants. Composting egg cartons is a great way to reduce waste and help create nutrient-rich vermicompost for your plants.


By keeping a good balance between carbon and nitrogen rich materials, you provide an optimal environment for the worms and micro-organisms working in your Compost Up worm composter, resulting in high quality worm compost for your plants. .

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